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Getting a Bathroom Was the Priority

When I bought an old farmhouse, I figured there were going to be a lot of repairs to be done. Surprisingly, it wasn't as bad as I had originally thought, especially with the wiring issues I thought I was going to run into. The electrician inspected it though and only had to make a few adjustments before it was able to pass the house inspection. That meant that I was able to focus on getting it ready to move into. The first thing I had to do was hire a company that does plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ.

The reason I wanted to do this first was because I knew that there were going to be quite a few days of heavy cleaning before I could even start the painting and laying down flooring. That meant I was going to be there for some really long days, and I wanted to make sure I had a working bathroom. I had already purchased the new toilet and sink, but I still had to get a shower stall and find a company that could install all of it for me. I spent the first day cleaning the bathroom and getting it ready for the plumber I had hired, and he came out the next day to get started.

I was so happy when he told me that he would be able to install the shower enclosure that I had been wanting to get. I was worried that it might not work out, but he explained that he could redo the pipes so it would fit in the corner where I wanted it. It did not take him but a couple of days to get all of the work done, and it truly was the first room that was completely done at the house. It was actually a lot of fun!

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From Cooking Thermometers to Food Washing and Prep Protocols

I am reasonably certain that most people have heard a news story in the last year of people being sickened by food that was not prepared properly or about recalls of meats, fruits and vegetables. The thing is that we can do something to greatly reduce our risk of being sickened by the food we eat if we take some simple precautions. I started a protocol we follow that includes cooking thermometers and thorough washing of fruits and vegetables we purchase.

The meats, fruits and vegetables you buy in the store that are fresh and uncooked can be risky. Even prepared foods need to be heated to full cooking temperatures. Read the packages of frozen pizzas and other things. It plainly states to "cook thoroughly." The only way to be certain that something is cooked thoroughly is to know the temperature it needs to reach internally, and to use good cooking thermometers to measure the actual temperature. You cannot just assume it got hot enough. Think of chicken and the constant salmonella issues in the news. If you wash the chicken according to proper protocols and cook it to the correct temperature, you are very likely to never get salmonella infections. At least from your food.

Part of food prep includes proper washing. Meats should never come in contact with anything that is not fully washed off after you wash off the meat. Fruits and vegetables can be contaminated by simply rinsing and splashing in or near a sink that was just used to prepare or clean meat. Cutting boards and untensils are awful offenders for germ infections. Think very carefully about possible contaminated surfaces. Never share utensils for raw versus cooked meats. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables away from raw meats. Wash your hands over and over. It is not about being obsessive, it is about not getting sick. People die from salmonella and wisteria. Use good cooking thermometers and food wash and prep protocols.

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Why Not Let Them Do the Work

Are you looking to travel this year, if you are I can only recommend going down south. Anywhere up north is very cold and will continue to be cold even pushing into the summer this year. So you should not plan to go up there. It's really not a very good place. But ultimately I encourage you to call an expert and have them talk to you about getting your tickets and everything. They know all of the tips and tricks to get you the best prices possible. Sure, you sometimes have to pay them but if you consider all the money that they save you and more importantly the time that they save you it is worth it. I mean do you really want to sit there and plan it yourself when you can just pay someone to get you all set up.

I love going to the experts, they tell me what people tend to like at this time of year and set everything up for me. The flight, the car rental and the hotel. It's absolutely amazing what they can do with just a phone call or two. They also have packages to choose from if you are really indecisive like me. I know that i take awhile and it was going on and on. Then he showed me some of their most popular packages and I was set right away. I found a place that I liked and we set off to get it all going right away. It was one of the best things that I could have asked for. I mean if you need to go on vacation then you should definitely see a professional about where the best places are to go at the very least. I would definitely recommend letting them plan it for you as well.

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