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Why the Ketubah is Important to Us

When my fiance and I started planning our marriage, one of the more important things that we needed was a Ketubah. I know a lot of younger Jewish people tend to not go for the traditional marriage ceremony, but my fiance and I definitely wanted to do it as it would honor our heritage, and it would also make our parents very happy. I was able to find an online source for various Ketubahs, and I really enjoyed spending time looking at each of them. I could tell that a lot of work had been put into most of them, and I was really happy when my fiance and I both selected the same one.

Anna Abramzon is the artist, and she did such a fabulous job with it. It is average size at just a little over one foot across and about one and a half feet long. The text is in the middle of the artwork, which is a tower of stones that form into an archway. There are flowers hanging from this, and it is done in a very conservative and respectful manner. I just really liked the design, as did he, and both sets of parents approved it too.

We have been to weddings where this was used, but the majority of our friends consider it outdated. I like being traditional though, and I purchased a really nice frame so we could hang it in our sitting room at our house after we were married. Though it is not legally binding in any court, it is binding in our hearts, allowing us to be reminded of the vows we have said to one another. We incorporated this into the wedding ceremony, and it was actually a huge hit with everyone. I think we may actually see more of our friends do this from now on too.

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Working on the Graveyard Shift Now

I have this really boring job as a night watch man sort of. It is really a cross between a guy who watches the warehouse and just answering the phone. We have a few people come in over night, a truck driver or two usually. I will get the fork lift truck out and unload trucks, but it is not usually something that happens. Most of the time I have been killing time playing aeroplane games online on the computer in the office. It is an old system and it is barely capable of playing much of a game, so you have to be happy if it it does not choke and die. Of course this old computer is so obsolete that it is is just sad. It is a system which is about five years old, but it was built out of cheap obsolete components back then, so it was a big waste of money in the very beginning and now it is an old computer which is just barely able to function.

At any rate you really wish that you had something else to do, because you are in this place all alone for around 8 hours at a time. Obviously I can not leave the place. So I have to bring my food with me. That is the big thing real each night. I save my meal until I am really bored and then it seems like you are actually doing something. Of course all you are doing is heating up some food in the microwave and having a little bite to eat. That is something to do which is not totally boring though. One night I did have a little excitement, but it was just these drunk idiots who tried to break in to the warehouse one night.

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