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Reducing the Amount of Total Recoil

The recoil from the stock of my rifle really hurts my body. On a hunting trip, I fired the rifle so much that my body was sore at the area where the stock was touching my body. A friend who works at a local sporting goods store told me that I might want to look at rifle stock covers to get rid of the recoil problem. I never thought about using a cover before, but it was a good idea. I thought my clothes would be enough to lessen the recoil impact on my body, but I guess they're just not good enough.

I picked out a stock cover that had a camouflage design which closely matched what I usually wear when I go hunting. I like my camouflage look to be as uniform as possible, because I don't want the animals to figure out that I'm hiding in the woods. If the animals see me, then they won't come near me, because they can sense that I'm about to do something to them. Even though animals can't speak in the same way that humans can, and they can't use computers and do mathematical equations, they're still pretty smart and have developed methods to help them survive.

I went back out to the woods with my cover in place and fired my rife at some prey in my path. The cover really made the recoil dissipate and it felt comfortable against my body. At the end of the day, I didn't feel any pain at all, except for when I tried to put the animals in the bed of my truck. I lifted one of the animals the wrong way, and it resulted in a dull pain in my back. I put some ointment on it and stayed in bed the next day.

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