Deals on Home Security Systems Through ADT

I just purchased my first home, and I am very proud to be a home owner. However, the house is not exactly in the part of town where I would live. I would not say that this is the bad part of town, but I do have some concerns about my family living in this area. I think everything will be fine, and I do not anticipate having any problems in living here. At the same time, I would like to get an adt home security installed in my house soon, because I know that it would make me feel a good bit better about my decision to purchase a house here.

I just want to be a good husband and father, and to do what I can, to protect my family. I would not feel so bad if I were at home more often, but the fact of the matter is that I am often away on business, and I would think that my family is more vulnerable in such situations. When I am at home, I feel I have some capacity to protect my family, as there is a gun vault in my room, and it has a Desert Eagle in it. It is the type of hand gun that would make Dirty Harry jealous. Not that I ever want to have to use it, but it does make me feel better.

Anyway, there is no way that my wife would wield such a weapon, and I think that having a security system would lower the chance that I would ever have to either. I want to get a security system that has features where I will be able to tap into the video cameras in my house, and visually confirm that nothing is amiss in my household.

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