Getting Settled in at Our New Place

Jackie and I have finally got our own little house. It is out in the country a good bit, but we found a place where the land is really cheap. In fact I bought about six acres of mixed woodland and disused farmland. Another guy had cleared out a lot to build the house on, but had not done it. He was working on a little dam too, which if completed would flood around three quarters of an acre based on my guesswork. We built the house slowly over time. I am looking at directv packages and channels right now. That seems like it is going to be far and away the cheapest way to get paid TV channels out here. I have an old antenna stuck in the top of a tree out back and I used it to pick up football games while I was working out here. It actually does rather well considering. I pick up around a dozen channels and of course all four of the networks are over the air. We have been getting settled in at our new place. Of course the one thing we are a little concerned about is getting in and out of this place when the weather gets really severe. It is about a hundred and thirty yards from our front door to the pavement right now. That would obviously be quite expensive to pave and right now it is gravel. I am not really sure how it is going to be if it snows or if you get a real torrential downpour, like we got from that last hurricane which stall out over top of us and poured rain down on us for days. I suppose if it gets really bad we shall just have to park by the road and walk the rest of the way.

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