How I Help My Gout Condition

My father had gout for the last few years of his life. Some days, he was able to manage the pain quite effectively. Other days, it was all he could do to get from the couch to the bathroom. I never realized how much it hurt him though until I developed gout myself. I have always considered myself a tough guy, so the pain took me by surprise. I am not the type to just lay around and take what life throws at me though. I went online for a remedy and found the Craysor website that has so much information on it about the condition that I was there for a few hours the first night I found it.

I found out a lot of information that I did not know, mainly because my dad had never tried anything beyond a pain pill here and there to manage his. Since I had no other exposure to gout until I developed it myself, I had no idea that there was so much information available about this very painful form of arthritis. I did know that it has to do with a buildup of uric acid, but I did not know much beyond that.

I was able to read a lot of different articles about what is good and what is not good for gout. I had no idea that there were some foods that I should avoid, while there are others that I should embrace. Take pineapple for example. I read where eating pineapple rings a few times a day significantly decreases the pain from gout. That is the first thing I tried, and it absolutely worked for me. Since that helped, I have followed other pieces of advice on this website, and I have received so much relief from it. My only regret is that this website was not around when my father had to endure the pain of his own gout.

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