I Am Lucky That I Learned from Someone Else’s Mistake

I started up my own real estate business about six months ago. We do not have very much room because we only have two employees so far, and we are renting space inside a buddy’s office. You can imagine that space is tight. About three months into being located in the space, I came into the office to find him very upset because a virus snuck into his network and he lost everything. He said he knew he should have gotten a Linux backup server and had simply forgotten about doing so repeatedly.

Now, I am not very technically savvy myself. I am fantastic at selling homes and my business is booming, but I simply did not know that I needed some sort of black-up plan for my own computers, to tell you the truth. I know that may sound foolish to some who hear that. It is unfortunate for my friend, but I got lucky and learned from his experience. I did not want the same trouble to happen to me, so I set out to get backup service as quickly as possible.

While we could have gone with purchasing a second server in the location we were in, I just did not feel that we had enough space for one. In addition, they are often not known for being very quiet, and I did not want to deal with the extra noise if we did not have to.

I found that we could get set up rather easily with a company who would handle it for us at their location. It would give me the ability to login to our server if necessary. It would also give me the ability to simply make a phone call to get more storage space as needed when my company grows. It sounded like a no-brainer to me and it would keep my business running smoothly.

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