I Can Work from Home at My Dad’s Place

When my dad struggled on his ranch to get things done, he found that he needed to hire ranch hands to help him out. He really liked the company that the hired hands offer him, too. He’s made friends with a lot of them. But when he found that he was having trouble getting things done in his house, I knew that ranch hands don’t help with that. I told him I would move out there to live with him as long as he gets high-speed rural internet so that I can work from home while there.

It used to be that the area had only dial-up service that was slow as molasses. Being someone who freelances and does not need to go into an office, it is very important that I have some of the best speeds online. The service must be very dependable as well because my clients depend on me and they need to be able to get in touch with me and vice versa at all times. I knew that I would not be able to work if I was forced to dial up to the Internet with an old modem.

Dad called back and told me that I am in luck and they do have the high speed service that I need. He even said he would pay for it. He just signed up with a company that offers it through satellite. I have always heard of satellite service, but had never used it before. When I got to dad’s place, one of the first things I did was to check out the speed and I was incredibly impressed. I should have no problems working at home. I work during the day, and at night, my time is now free for dad. I have even showed dad how to get on the computer for some surfing time of his own, too.

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