My Pen Keeps Me from Reverting Back to Real Tobacco

I have been vaping since the first devices started to hit the market. I never had any intention of stopping my daily use of nicotine, but I did want to get it without smoking, using smokeless tobaccos such as snuff and chewing tobacco or even using a patch, lozenges or nicotine gums. I liked smoking as the vehicle for getting nicotine, but I never liked the health hazards that come with it. Chewing tobaccos, pipes, cigars and snuffs also have those Surgeon General’s warnings. I got a vaping pen at Vaping was the only alternative I could enjoy to get the nicotine I wanted that did not yet have warnings like smoking and other tobacco use does.

Typically I vape a tobacco flavored oil during the day. In the evening I might try a fruit or other flavor. It is sort of like a snack that gives me the nicotine that relaxes me. I have considered a lot of what might be worse. I cannot relax without the habit of vaping and getting the nicotine. Maybe I could get on a prescription drug, but they have known side effects. Smoking obviously has major health hazards. Some people drink or take illegal drugs to relax. I was only interested in nicotine and how it makes me feel. Not wanting to quit it, I just wanted to get it without heaping onto myself all kinds of other risky things.

I also wanted vaping to feel like smoking does. I did not want a light draw with minimal vapor. I wanted to take hits from a vaping pen that provided thick full flavor vapor I could feel going into my throat and lungs. Other vaping devices were like switching to an ultralight low-tar cigarette. If you smoke or ever have smoked cigarettes, you know what I am talking about. A powerful vaping pen gives you better draws when you vape. So, a better vape pen may keep you from reverting back to real tobacco.

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