Organic Food Delivery Helps Keep Our Diets on Track

A health scare got us thinking about our diets. The doctor pretty much told us that we dodged a big bullet by getting checked in time, but that our food choices were just going to make the problem worse. We ate all of the wrong foods. Every meal contained things that were in boxes, bags or cans. There was little in the way of fresh produce or other things. Most of the stuff we ate had copious amounts of added sugars and fats. We switched from those foods to organic food delivery to control what we had in the house to eat. We made a radical change, but we did it over a period of a couple of months so that we could stick to it.

We decided to keep one thing each that we knew we would crave a lot. For me it was the occasional piece of chocolate candy. For my husband it was ice cream. We just cut back in the amounts we consumed. Those added pounds melted off, our energy returned and we definitely felt better on a daily basis. The reason we switched to organic food delivery was due to our lack of willpower when shopping in a regular grocery store. We would just load things into the cart based on cravings rather than dietary needs. That is like a slow form of killing yourself. Indulgence with the diet can make you sick.

Now here is what we discovered by switching to organic food delivery. First off, the food just tastes better. Stuff used to be so bland that we loaded it with salt and seasonings to bring it alive with flavor. Better foods simply taste better. Secondly, there is no way of telling physically if not being exposed to pesticide residues found in commercially grown and processed produce is helping us feel better, but the simple math of avoiding poisons as much as possible makes complete sense to us. Organic was the standard before commercial farming. Maybe it is something we should go back to as much as possible.

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