Senior Companions Help You to Remain More Independent

Mom has said many times that she does not want to move in with me or at my sister’s house. She wants to remain independent. But over time, she has had trouble walking, or getting things done. As a consequence, many things at her house have fallen into a disarray. We have been told by more than one social worker that this is not okay, and she needs help. We explained this to mom recently, and told her that she no longer has a choice. She needs help, and getting a senior companion in Brooklyn is a great idea.

One thing that happens when you get much older is to have less control over your own balance. You can trip easily, fall and hurt yourself. Most people do not know that tripping does not simply occur when going up and down stairs or trying to step over something when you are in your eighties. It is common to simply have that happen when walking across a flat floor. So, if you leave a pair of shoes out or anything else gets in the way, you are just increasing your risk that much more. And with mom unable to clean her house as easily as she used to, she has many tripping hazards all over her house. This is what the social worker was talking about when it comes to our mother’s house.

My sister and I show up as much as possible to try to tidy up. But the older mom gets, the more messy she becomes. We can leave the house for 30 minutes to make a quick trip to the store for her, come back and she has already made a mess in that short time. So, I went through the phone book last week and called some of the more well known senior caretaker companies. I explained that I was looking for someone who would be willing to stay with mom when we cannot be there. They sent help that same day.

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