The Online World Has Changed So Much During My College Years

As someone who just graduated from college, I am grateful that I finally graduated two months ago. Finding a new job with my new degree was far easier to do than my senior finals were! I also have more free time than ever now. I love going to work from 9am to 5pm and having the rest of my evening free to catch up on things that I did not know about due to school. One thing I didn’t know about was a site called Pirate Bay that can be found rather easily online. My brother told me about it last night, and the site and what it is about is about is rather intriguing to me.

In a nutshell, the site is an interesting place where anyone can go there to offer files of many types to other people. People simply contribute what they have to share with others, and these contributions are typically media files such a music, movies and the like. People use different programs that allow people to upload the files in a certain way that allows other people to download the files very slowly over the course of many hours. Anyone who wants to look for files can simply do so by using a search function and typing in a particular file name, whether it’s the name of a particular ebook, music or some other type of entertainment media file. When they find what they want, they simply use a site to request the file.

I can see why the website has become so popular. When you think about it, there are so many countries that had little access to the world outside their own borders for hundreds of years. The Internet, and now, sites like this give them a window into learning more about the world around them that they have never had before.

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